John och Julius ≈ Julius Norrbom, a composer/performer and digital artist exploring interconnected audiovisual networks. 

Linköping, Sweden

Ukkonen (with Liis Ring)
Audiovisual improvisation

Finnish for thunder. Inspired by a one week residency at the Haihatus artist residency in Summer 2022. The artists collected a vast library of field recordings, 3D scans and film photography of the residency and its surroundings in Joutsa, Finland.

The residency and the performance were created as a part of the Nordic Lights programme. The artists met each other for the first time in the residency and the performances created were premiered at one of the hosting festivals. The project was supported by Nordisk Kulturfond. Photos: Anna Valli & Henrik Zeitler

Oktober 5, 2022
Aavistus Festival
Helsiniki, Finland

November 19, 2022
Fotobok gbg
Gothenburg, Sweden