Solo audiovisual improvisation/installation performed at Sirenfestivalen (Gothenburg, January 18 2022). Interspace, interstice, liminal space ︎ what constitues a mellanrum for you? How do you grow a fruitful void? An ongoing series of experiments focusing on temporal, spatial and visual rhythms, their interplay and the gaps created. To be iterated 1.01(+). Performed on a generative system/patch - a eurorack modular synthesizer interconnected with VCV Rack and Touchdesigner, all exchanging control signals. 1h active performance, 4h self-generating installation.

︎ Swimmers

Audiovisual performance/installation in collaboration with Anna Roxenholt (Gothenburg, February 16, 2022). When did you learn how to swim and how did it feel? In the performance Swimmers audiovisual improvisation meet memories of the first swimming strokes. Enter a floating state between calm surfaces and the deep end, between chance and a sense of community. With: Anna Roxenholt on saxophone, voice, percussion and voice recordings + Julius realtime generative system (modular synth and Touchdesigner) projected on translucent fabric. 1h+ active performance, 2h self-generating installation.